Speech and language therapy is treatment for people who want to communicate better.  They may find it challenging to produce clear sounds (a speech disorder) or to comprehend and put words together to express ideas (a language disorder).

In speech and language therapy, we teach clients how to properly pronounce challenging sounds; we lead them through exercises to better understand and transmit ideas, both oral and written.  We give them healthier, gentler ways to speak and show them how to deal with stuttering.  We teach them to replace the accents and cadences of their native languages with the pronunciations and rhythms of U.S. English.

Speech and language pathologists like Alida screen, diagnose, treat, and manage communications needs for people of all ages, toddlers to seniors.  Language is a cornerstone of everything we do, including reading, writing, talking, and even gesturing.  A delay or breakdown in any one of these areas can adversely affect general functioning and quality of life.

Speech Therapies

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