Accent Reduction Coaching

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You may have difficulty communicating in English because of your accent.

  • People may not understand you.
  • You may shy from social interaction.
  • You may be frustrated because people keep asking you to repeat yourself.
  • Listeners may focus on your accent instead of what you are saying.

If this adversely effects your employment or social life, we can help with accent reduction. Free accent screening.

We work with foreign-born individuals who already have mastered basic English vocabulary and grammar but wish to improve their pronunciation.

We focus on accurate sound production and the prosody or "music" of standard American English speech.

Accent reduction coaching can be provided the "tele-conferencing."

Now Available: On-line client practice programs.

Some of the techniques we use are:

The Compton PESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) Accent Modification Method, based on over 20 years of research and teaching by Dr. Arthur Compton, Speech Pathologist, Linguist, and Director of the Institute of Language and Phonology.

Click here for a free screening of regional or foreign accent.

LDS & Associates.
Lorna Sikorski's accent training.

David Alan Stern's "The Sound and Style of American English"

Psycholinguistic Aspects of Foreign Accent(s).


"I immigrated to the United States as a late teen, and I've always struggled with my accent. It has adversely affected both my professional and personal life. For a while, I thought speaking with an accent is just going to be a part of my life and there was not much I could do about it. This changed after I met Alida. Her lessons really work! I am already noticing a big difference only two months into our program. More importantly, Alida makes me feel that she really cares about me and she is on my side. During the week when we are not meeting, Alida takes time to listen to my voice recordings and gives me feedback/encouragement. She makes me feel that I am not doing this by myself because she gives me courage and motivation to confront the negative feelings that came from speaking with an accent. I feel empowered, and I believe I can drastically improve my speech. For anyone who is not a native English speaker, I encourage you to meet Alida. It will change your life."
-- G.

SLP Alida Engel's relevant training and experience in accent reduction:

  • Psycholinguistic aspects of foreign accents
  • Accent Reduction: Lorna Sikorski, LDS
  • Compton PESL (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) Accent Modification Method.

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