Autism Spectrum Voice Therapy

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Autism and PDD are developmental disorders which may be mild or severe. Problems arise in social skills (relating to others), communication skills (conversing, understanding others), and written comprehension. Some common behaviors associated with autism/PDD are difficulty adjusting to transitions, repeating words spoken by others (echolalia), behavior issues, narrowly focused interests, social issues, and difficulty with comprehension, expression, or both.

Therapy is based on the child's specific needs, in close collaboration with family and school.


"B's autistic non-verbalness is a thing of the past now, thanks to the transformative means of Alida's therapy sessions. After several years of sessions with Alida, B can interact socially and communicate his basic needs. He has learned self confidence. Our family and friends appreciate his charm. The joy we now feel in his company surpasses the few times when we felt the bitter struggle to overcome his disability. Alida's persistent attention to his unique needs, her loving and firm behavior modification, her strenuous review, and her professional evaluations, all with parental involvement factored in, portray a therapist who sincerely believes in the human spirit: "Alida-Engelism." As our family matures, we continue to support and develop B's progress as we celebrate the beauty of being human. Thank you, Alida!"
--Jane L., Parent

"God sent me a beautiful son. This wonderful boy struggled to develop and I wondered "Why?" . . . But God [sent] us . . . very special people to help us with our very special son . . . like Alida. We have watched our son grow and develop in ways we were not sure he could, or would. We'd like to say thank you to Alida for being one of those great humans who have not only helped our son, but helped us help our son."
--S. & M.C. , Parents

SLP Alida Engel's relevant training and experience for work with autism or PDD concerns:

  • DIR/Floortime Approach (Dr. Stanley Greenspan)
  • The SCERTS Model (Social Communication, Emotional Regulation, Transactional Support - Dr. Barry Prizant)
  • Autism On-line Conference (Yale)
  • Executive Functioning (Sarah Ward, MS CCC-SLP)
  • Child Behavior Management for effective learning and better life functioning
  • Weekly training with Marian Blank, PhD, creator of "Reading Kingdom," for 1 1/2 years.

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