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"I'm not afraid to participate in discussions like in the past."

My stuttering has become much less severe and I've learned to manage it more effectively. I'm not afraid to speak up and participate in discussions like in the past.

My treatment exceeded my expectations. I learned more than just techniques to manage stuttering, but how to reduce the anxiety and negative emotional impact it has.

Alida acted as a guide/coach, leading me up the path to reaching my speech goals. She is a fantastic therapist and wonderful person. The Center genuinely cares for its patients. It's always a pleasure to interact with them.
-- Brian S.

"Your advice always works."

Alida, thank you always for your advice. It always works - you are magical.
-- Maria.F., Patient's Mom

"Therapeutic Listening has brought about drastic changes."

Since you introduced Jake to Therapeutic Listening, I have noticed drastic changes in his attention span, attention to details, and his ability to stay on task.  He is much more receptive to trying to say more words on his own, and doesn't pitch a fit when we prompt him.
--Margaret W., Parent

"Alida taught me not to be ashamed of my stuttering."

I have been going to Alida for a little under a year for speech help and have seen major improvement in my speech.  Alida taught me not to be ashamed of my stuttering -- for me the biggest challenge because in the sixteen years I have been here I never talked about it before. ...  I am so glad I decided to start speech.  It has helped me tremendously with my talking and with my everyday life.
--Donald M., Teenager

"You rescued me and my voice."

I want to thank you so much.  You came into my life to rescue me and my Voice!!
--Halley P., Voice Client

"You've taught me a lot about how to work better with my own kids."

Our weekly trips to you have been wonderful.  I've always loved your creative energy, and you've taught me a lot about how to work better with my own kids.  You are a terrific teacher and therapist, and we are all going to miss you sorely when we move.  Thank you so much for everything you taught our kids.
--The C. Family

"Jennie's progress has astounded us."

Alida has provided speech therapy services for my daughter, Jennie, for one year.  Jennie's progress has astounded us, and I would highly recommend Alida for anyone young or old in need of speech and language services.  Both her innovative techniques and relationship building skills have paved the way for a most successful outcome for Jennie.
--G.M., Parent (From a letter to Jennie's Pediatrician.)

"Bill's autistic non-verbalness is a thing of the past."

Bill's autistic non-verbalness is a thing of the past now, thanks to the transformative means of Alida's therapy sessions.  After several years of sessions with Alida, Bill can interact socially and communicate his basic needs.  He has learned self confidence.  Our family and friends appreciate his charm.  The joy we now feel in his company surpasses the few times when we felt the bitter struggle to overcome his disability.  Alida's persistent attention to his unique needs, her loving and firm behavior modification, her strenuous review, and her professional evaluations, all with parental involvement factored in, portray a therapist who sincerely believes in the human spirit:  "Alida-Engelism."  As our family matures, we continue to support and develop Bill's progress as we celebrate the beauty of being human.  Thank you, Alida!
--Jane L., Parent

"Thank you so much for your patience and understanding."

You are wonderful!  You have helped Robert so much, and not just with his speech.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.  You even know when to tell mom to "Go for a little walk."  (Mom put a smiley face here.)  We were blessed to have found you.  Thank you.
--R & M, Parents

"Thank you for thinking outside the box."

There's not a child in the world that wouldn't benefit from a talk with Alida.  Thank you for a most imaginative approach, because that's what J-- responded to.  She has blossomed this year in so many ways.  She not only speaks clearly, but she enjoys being heard.  Thank you for thinking outside the box.  All the best.
--G & R, Parents

"You also helped (my son) over all as a person!"

Alida, you are so patient and wonderful!  Not only have you helped my son with fluency, but you also helped him over all as a person!  With your guidance, teaching, and support, our whole family has grown and learned to communicate better.  I can't thank you enough. Love,
--Laura L., Parent

"You have such a calming effect on me."

Alida, you have such a calming effect on me, and subsequently on my voice.  I never thought you could improve me but you have!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
--L. J., Adult Voice Client

"Our little girl has blossomed!"

What a wonderful gift God has given to us:  You!  The most wonderful things have happened to us since you came into our lives.  Our little girl has blossomed and is responding wonderfully to your teachings.  Her eyes are brighter and her confidence has mushroomed. In your motherly, loving, and professional manner, you have transformed her from a child that was lost into an eager and curious person.  I look forward to our visits, and I must say underneath your firmness F-- recognized the benefit of your persistence and enjoys her new-found understanding.  S-- and I cannot express our heartfelt thanks and our gratitude to you adequately enough.  What you have done for our child we will never forget.  God bless you.  Gratefully,
--V. & S. M. (Parents)

Transgender Help

Alida helped my voice to become more feminine (I'm an M to F person.), and I've become more confident in social situations. It was definitely a positive experience. I was never pushed to do anything which made me uncomfortable, but my comfort zone was expanded so I could take things on when I was ready. I would recommend the Center to others. My limits were respected but I wasn't allowed to hold myself back out of fear so I made progress. Alida was always supportive. I felt comfortable talking to her about anything. I'm very grateful for the huge impact she 's had on my life.
--A., Transgendering Patient, New Haven, 2013

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